Kapps Farm, Trunk Road, Highway B6 East, Windhoek, Namibia
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A wide variety of landscapes, vegetation, and a year-round warm desert-to-subtropical climate make Namibia a camper’s paradise. From the red dunes of the dry Western Namib Desert over the central rocky mountains to the humid, green forests of the northeast, all regions offer plenty places to camp.

While some campsites are part of a commercial farm, others are attached to luxury lodges. Certain campsites operate on their own in beautiful, remote areas. The majority of campsites have amenities like hot water, washrooms with flush toilets and an increasing number offer 220V power points. We provide you with high quality bedding but recommend you bring warm sleepwear for the cool desert nights during our winter months. In certain parts of the country, although warm and sunny during daytime, night temperatures can go down to freezing point.

Driving and camping holidays are very popular in Namibia because of their affordability and adventurous character. They give you great freedom of movement and allow you to explore parts of Namibia seldom visited. In your own time, in your own way. You’ll never have felt so close to nature.

At Safari Car Rental we equip our camping equipped 4×4 vehicles exclusively with 1.4m wide roof tents (the width of a double-sized bed) instead of the standard 1.2m tents other car rentals provide. Our 1.4m tents offer you the ultimate convenience in camping and a far more relaxed sleep. For families we can even install a 1.6m wide roof tent (the width of a queen-sized bed) so you can sleep with your little child comfortably in between you at night. Watch this short movie to see how easy it is to set up camp.

For your comfort and peace of mind we have satellite phones available for rent. Our cell phone network in Namibia does not cover many remote areas. If you would like to be guaranteed of communications everywhere and at all times please mention this in your web inquiry form or email, and we will include a satellite phone for you in our offer. For groups we have 2-way radios available so you can stay in contact with your friends in the other vehicles during your trip.

As from 2021 we introduce our new hard shell roof tents, available as an option exclusively with our Expedition models. These tents are constructed from fiberglass and are designed with quality and outdoor comfort in mind. The dimensions when open are: Length 2.2m; Width 1.4m; Height 1.4m. Any of the tent’s three large openings can be used as the door and it closes with all your bedding inside. All hard shells come with a USB port, a 12V “cigarette lighter” socket and an interior LED light installed. If you prefer a hard shell over a standard roof tent you can request so in your inquiry form. Please note we can fit only 1 hard shell tent per vehicle. As you can see in this movie opening and closing the tent is extremely easy.

Our professionally equipped off-road vehicles with their comprehensive camping packages will allow you to go farther, longer, more comfortable. Enjoy your campfire!

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Photo by Fee Welsch

We care about our Wildlife and support the Namibian Anti Poaching Unit

Hard Shell Roof Tent Closed

Hard Shell Roof Tent Open

Hard Shell Roof Tent Open

Hard Shell Roof Tent Inside